September 9, 2011

Farmiliar Ground

Spent some quality time at my grandparent's farmhouse yesterday. A lot of my childhood was spent here making mud pies, picking corn with my grandpa, swimming in the canal (with mother's supervision of course), and searching for Easter eggs. I love that I can enjoy the countryside atmosphere by only traveling 10 minutes from home. The summer heat doesn't seem to be making its way out of this area any time soon but I still attempted to take a few fall-like photos.
Traipsing through the dirt field in these shoes was a sight to see. All in the name of a good photo op right?


  1. This dress is so pretty.. As are these photos xx

  2. These pictures are beautiful! I love that dress!!
    Im following now!

  3. Thanks so much Veronica!
    Following you now also :)

  4. i adore your dress! these photos are such fun. <3