October 24, 2011

Fall At Your Feet

Saturday afternoon was our designated pumpkin picking day and we were pleasantly surprised at how many other fun activities were going on at the farm . We completed a good portion of the corn maze, braved the haunted house, chose our pumpkins, and bought some fall treats at the country store. There was also a zip line, obstacle course of sorts, pony rides, and two trains. We had a great time despite the heat and the very large crowd of people in attendance. The farm goes all out for Christmas too so we will definitely be making another visit come December!

October 19, 2011

High Noon

Someone is not amused that I found their hiding spot.
It was a pleasant fall afternoon for a walk through Columbia last Saturday. We weren't in any sort of rush so we leisurely walked up and down the little streets taking in all of the historical goodness. We went up to one of the set-up houses and I loved the wallpaper and some of the items inside (2nd picture), which surprised me since the 1850s isn't really one of my favorite decades of style. It's funny how inspiration can come in all different forms and when you least expect it.

October 17, 2011

Rustic Scenes

My grandma and I enjoyed another great camping weekend in the former gold rush town of Columbia. I loved being surrounded by the beautiful fall hues, which aren't so apparent yet back home, and all of the charming 49er-style decor scattered around the RV park. It's always nice to get away and engage in activities that don't involve technology, such as playing cards with some of the group and coming out 80 cents richer! That's kind of big news since I'm really not much of a card shark (at all). We also walked down Main Street and explored the little shops, museums, and ice cream parlor to see that not much has changed since past years of visiting but that's the way we prefer it. Another post coming soon of downtown Columbia.

October 10, 2011

A Cozy Day

Part of today was spent settling into our favorite spot on the couch, continuing the journey through the loveliness that is Friday Night Lights (currently finishing season 2), and appreciating fall decor that acts as a reminder of how fast this year has gone by. The holidays have a way of speeding up time just when lists of to-dos keep growing. The mere thought of that exhausted Macie and was cause for a cat nap. (As if an excuse was necessary). Hope you all had a wonderful Monday!