September 30, 2011

Wine Country

Last week I drove up to Napa to visit one of my best girlfriends since high school. She just moved there a couple months earlier and it was about a month before that that we last saw each other so I was excited to catch up and see where she now calls home. We visited a couple wineries nearby and experienced our first wine tasting at the Artesa Winery. We are definitely not natural 'corkheads' and I'm sure it showed but the woman who served us gave us a crash course. After taking in the beautiful views we drove around downtown, checked out a few outlet stores and then grabbed lunch at the Oxbow Public Market. It was so nice to spend some quality girl time with Mindy and I feel grateful that we've made such an effort over the years to remain close and present in each other's lives.

September 9, 2011

Farmiliar Ground

Spent some quality time at my grandparent's farmhouse yesterday. A lot of my childhood was spent here making mud pies, picking corn with my grandpa, swimming in the canal (with mother's supervision of course), and searching for Easter eggs. I love that I can enjoy the countryside atmosphere by only traveling 10 minutes from home. The summer heat doesn't seem to be making its way out of this area any time soon but I still attempted to take a few fall-like photos.
Traipsing through the dirt field in these shoes was a sight to see. All in the name of a good photo op right?